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The start of the story,
becomes the brand.
– Ju

Launched in 2010 as a greeting card and stationery illustration studio, HauteCards was busy creating custom work for Etsy customers and other local shops interested in Jucel's illustrations.


Eventually, the studio evolved into a boutique printing shop where Etsy shop owners could order their custom printed materials, designed according to their needs, not just a template. 


Now the studio's focus has expanded to offer brand design and product presentation to complete the marketing goals of our customers. For Jucel so far, it has been a pleasure to work with clients that she has met thru the years, and every day she finds that there's meaning to creating unique artwork.


The studio specializes in design for independent creators & creative shop owners! Most of our clients enjoy working on their enterprise and make a living from their passion and unique products and services.

Jucel Meneses
Creative Director

The best way to describe Jucel's style of work is to be a hands-on, idea-generating creative savant.


Even before obtaining her Bachelors in Visual Communications in 2007, she was already cross-disciplined to work in creative in-house teams crafting immersive and engaging experiences for some of the most unique retail and foodservice brands in her local Miami.

After becoming a mom, she reinvented her career as a freelance graphic designer, collaborating with local agencies and brokers that needed adaptive website solutions and social media graphics to meet the changing needs of the market.

In 2010, Ju was enticed by the ever-changing nature of the indie shop/handmade industry.  She embraced new opportunities to foster the growth and development of professionals who have a passion to create their product, making printed products accessible to start a new store. 

After 12 years of growing her client base,  she has discovered another side of her business to provide consulting services for companies on branding development, design theme brainstorming, and more.